Metal Mouldings (Moldings) from Johnson Brothers

Mouldings (moldings) are one of the most widely used metal shapes, and their design possibilities are nearly limitless. Johnson Brothers has the tooling capabilities to produce any metal moulding (molding) that your project requires. We have fabricated hundreds of mouldings (moldings) from custom designs over the years, and we'll work with you to create mouldings (moldings) that match your exact specifications.

Johnson Brothers works with a wide variety of metals, to create mouldings (moldings) in the ideal material for your needs. We can produce stainless steel mouldings (stainless steel moldings), brass mouldings (brass moldings), copper mouldings (copper moldings), and aluminum mouldings (aluminum moldings), as well as mouldings (moldings) from a number of specialized materials. We can fabricate metal mouldings (moldings) from 0.003" through 0.125" thick, up to 3" in height, up to 15" in width, and from 4" to 40' in length. We also offer several secondary services to add further value to our metal mouldings (moldings). Visit our other Metal Mouldings page to learn more about the process, materials and other information around Metal Mouldings (moldings).

No matter how complex the design, Johnson Brothers can produce metal mouldings (moldings) that will meet or exceed your expectations. We work with the highest quality materials and precision tooling to create some of the finest metal mouldings (moldings) in the industry. Whether working from your custom designs, or reproducing one of our more "standard" metal mouldings (moldings), Johnson Brothers will deliver superior quality metal mouldings (moldings) for any application.

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